Zoom - Setting up an Account in Canvas

To generate the account setup email

You will first click the Zoom app within Canvas and generate the account setup email, which will go to your
CSU Global inbox.

1. In the left menu, click Zoom
You will see a message about not having an account in Zoom. This process kicks off an email to
your CSU-Global email.

1. Access your CSU-Global email and look for the Zoom account invitation email.

1. Click to open the email, and click the Click here to activate your account link.

NOTE: If the activation link doesn’t work, paste the full link listed underneath

The link will open, and you will see the Activate Your account page on Zoom.

1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a password to setup your account within Zoom.

1. When you have the fields complete, click Activate.

You will see a success message with some tutorials, which you can access for information on using the
Zoom tool after accessing from Canvas.

You will also see a GO button that will allow you to update settings within Zoom (that will carry over to
Canvas). In the next section, will we update these preferences. Please remain on this page, as you will
begin the next section from this area of Zoom.

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