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iPad displaying embedded PDF’s within CSU-Global’s Library EBSCO Search

The CSU-Global Library uses EBSCO to search for scholarly articles. When an article is found that may pertain to a student’s needs they have a few options of how to view: PDF embedded within the site, or HTML. The PDF embed is run through Adobe Flash plug in, which Apple iPads and iPhones do not support. Here are a few steps to work around this issue:

  1. Use the HTML version of the text
  2. After they push the PDF text button, and the embedded PDF starts loading, on the top there is an option to download PDF, push that. it will open a new browser window and you can view the full PDF version of the text. (Make sure you have Adobe PDF reader installed on iPad)
  3. Download a Flash friendly The best one is called Photon, it costs $4.99 to download, but it runs the website and the embedded PDF(s) very well.

One of these three workarounds should help students read any and all articles within the EBSCO search in the CSU-Global Library.

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