Zoom - Accessing Recorded Sessions

Holding a Zoom Session

Once you get into a Zoom session, there are several options you can use to share content and communicate with your participants.

1.Setup your audio

You can join by Phone of by Computer. Joining by Phone will present a phone number for you to dial. Joining by Computer will allow you to test your Computer Audio settings and choose your speakers and microphone.

NOTE: If you join by Computer, always test your audio, even if you have used the same devices several sessions before.

2.Check Settings for the Meeting

Click the up arrow next to the camera and click Video Settings. You will see the Settings window. Note that this screen contains settings for Audio, Video, General, Feedback, Recording, and more. For the purposes of this guide, we are only going to go over settings briefly.

  • Audio Recommended Settings: Deselect “automatically join by computer” and “always mute”
  • Video Recommended Settings: Select the appropriate webcam (if using)
    • Select “Enable mirror effect for my video”
    • De-select “Always show name on video window”
    • Select “Hide Non-Video Participants”

Other options are optional and depend on your preference

3.Check your microphone and video

In this area of Zoom, you can mute your Microphone or start/stop your video.

4. Check your Participants

Click Manage Participants to view the participants in the session and control their microphones, video, and screen share abilities. In the Participants window, you will see a list of all participants. At the bottom of the window, you can adjust the participants’ settings. Click More to see additional options.

5.Make sure to set to Cloud Recording

To make sure your session is recorded and goes to the appropriate location where students can eventually access within Schoology, you will need to click Record and set to Record to the Cloud. Do this before your session starts to prepare.

6.Share your screen to show content and presentations

In Zoom, you don’t upload presentations. Instead, you will share your screen and walk through your presentation, open content, or play a video. To share your screen, from the bottom panel, click Share Screen. You will see a window allowing you to select a specific window on your computer. Click the window you wish to share, and then click Share Screen. Note that you can share your whole desktop, instead of a single window or application.

7.Chat with participants

If you wish to communicate to participants in chat, or if you want to use chat for participants to ask questions in a text format, click the Chat button in the bottom panel to open the chat window. You can chat with your whole group, or select individual participants to communicate with privately.

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