Zoom - Accessing Recorded Sessions

Zoom – Common Issues and Resolutions

1. User did not receive email to activate their account.

  • In this instance, the user probably started the process already so there is an account in Zoom, but it
    was never activated. In this instance, you should locate the user under User Management and delete
    their account so they can start the activation process over again.
  • When you search for a user, you will see the results page with Edit and Delete options on the right.
  • Click Delete, and then select Permanently delete this user from Zoom.
  • Click Yes to delete the user and advise them to click the Zoom App in Canvas to resend the activation

2. Missing Recordings in the Zoom App in Canvas

  • If a faculty member indicates a recording is not showing in Canvas review their account settings to
    ensure they have Cloud Recording selected. If Cloud Recording is selected, and the user doesn’t have
    a recording in Canvas, ensure they didn’t have another option selected at the time of recording.
  • Processing the recording after the session takes a long time, have the user check if it is processed after
    12 hours.
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