Zoom - Setting up an Account in Canvas

To update Zoom preferences

1. On the Activate your account page, after receiving the success message, click GO.

NOTE: If you haven’t received the success message, make sure to follow the steps to
activate your account and complete the required fields.

You will see your Zoom profile page.

Please check and update the recommended options for your Profile:

1. Time Zone: Ensure that your time zone is set to Mountain Time to match the Canvas
system and the CSU-Global campus.
2. Recording Options: Select Enable cloud recording

When you are finished with the profile settings, click Save Changes.
You will see a green Save profile info success message at the top of the page indicating your
changes were saved.

Once you have these steps complete, you can refresh the Zoom app within Canvas. To refresh the app,
access the Home tab within Zoom and click the Zoom module app from the left menu. At this point, you
should see the Zoom app interface.

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