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Basic Institution Information


Institution Full Name Colorado State University Global
Institution Abbreviations and/or Common Nicknames CSU Global | Global | CSUG
Institution Primary Street Address If there are multiple campuses, provide the campus name and address for each. 585 Salida Way Aurora, CO 80011
Institution Time Zone If there are multiple campuses in different time zones, provide the campus name and time zone for each. MT / GMT -7


Basic Support Information

Published phone number that will be forwarded to BlackBeltHelp

NOTE: If possible, BlackBeltHelp would prefer that forwarded calls retain their original Caller ID information (ANI).

Published email address that will be forwarded to BlackBeltHelp
Do you maintain any online self-help documentation for end users? https://csuglobalhelp.knowledgeowl.com/help
What will BlackBeltHelp’s hours of support be? 24/7
Academic Calendar – Launch Dates

Faculty have access approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the term, while students have Open House access three days prior to the beginning of the term.

https://csuglobal.edu/student-success/academic- calendar.

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On-Site Help Desk and Scope

Can students and/or employees visit the on-site help desk in person to get help during normal business hours? No, CSU Global is a 100% virtual campus
Are there any specific systems or software that are strictly out of scope for BOTH BlackBeltHelp AND Onsite IT staff?

(for example, systems/software that is handled by another department or vendor)

All systems/software that BBH will support has been listed. If not listed, BBH don’t support those.

Common End-User Pages / Systems

NOTE: User will have to create ticket with Greystone for the issue with institution provided device.

Page / System Type URL Branded System Name(if applicable)
Institution Home Page https://csuglobal.edu/
Portal Login Page https://portal.csuglobal.edu/ Student (or Faculty) Portal
LMS Login Page https://csuglobal.instructure.com Canvas
ERP / SIS Login Page n/a
Webmail Login Page (student) https://mail.google.com/ Gmail
Webmail Login Page (employee) https://mail.google.com/ Gmail
Academic Calendar https://csuglobal.edu/student- success/academic-calendar
Career Center https://globalconnect.csuglobal.edu/ Global Connect (People Grove)
Writing Center Appointments https://globalconnect.csuglobal.edu/ WCOnline


Other Department Contacts


Department Name Point of Contact (POC) Published Main Phone Number Published Email
Admissions 800-462-7845 opt 1 enroll@csuglobal.edu


Academic Advising student.success@csuglobal.edu
Registrar 800-462-7845 opt 4 registrar@csuglobal.edu
Career Services career.center@csuglobal.edu
Bursar 800-462-

7845 opt 3

Financial Aid 800-462-

7845 opt 3

Student Services 877-922-

2655 opt 2

Resident Life n/a n/a n/a
Human Resources 800-4627845 opt 7 hr@csuglobal.edu
Campus Security n/a student.services@csuglobal.edu
Facilities / Maintenance (non-emergency) Steven Long (internal only) steven.long@csuglobal.edu
Facilities / Maintenance (emergency) Steven Long (internal only) steven.long@csuglobal.edu
Disability 800-462-7845 opt 5 ada@csuglobal.edu
LMS Administrator Jim.smith1@csuglobal.edu


Veteran’s Affairs military.benefits@csuglobal.edu
Roger Seflinger,



720-608-5398 roger.seflinger@csuglobal.edu
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