BioSig ID

BioSig Authentication

A student or faculty member has questions or concerns with the BioSig Authentication in their course.


A student or faculty member sees two instances of an assignment with one link active with zero points and the other one not accessible.


  • Authenticating students’ identities throughout their coursework ensure the academic integrity of the institution while also preserving the quality of the online degree you earn.
  • To meet the requirements of federal law and  accreditation, CSU-Global requires online students to authenticate their identity through BioSigID for this course.
  • The purpose of this authentication is to improve identification of students to secure course access and student information.

Student Experience:

BioSig ID’s are placed in front of assignment pages within the Modules Tab. They will share the name as the assignment but will be worth zero points. The assignment itself will be grayed out and inaccessible to students  they complete BioSig. Students must complete enrollment with BioSig-ID. This can be found in the course modules tab under BioSig-ID.

To access the Critical Thinking or Mastery Exercise students must complete the BioSig Authentication which will consist of drawing four alphanumerical symbols which can include letters, numbers, or characters. These must be drawn in the same way every time. This ensures that it is not just another password, but indeed the password is drawn in the same manner as before.

After completing the BioSig ID will be able to access the assignment submission page. Further information on BioSig can be found in the course Modules Tab under BioSig-ID Enrollment.

For issues we are not able to resolve please suggest user to contact the BioSig-ID™ Help Site – User will submit a Ticket (


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