Accessing Feedback

How do I view assignment comments from my instructor?

You can see comments from your instructor in the Grades page. Most comments are located in the assignment sidebar. However, your instructor may also leave comments in your assignment submission as annotations.

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

View Assignment Comments

  • Locate the assignment and click the comment icon [1]. View the comments in the assignment [2]. You can also view the author, date, and time of the comment.

Open Assignment

  • Your assignment submission also displays comments. Click the title of the assignment.

View Comments

  • Any instructor comments added to your submission, as well as any comments added by you, appear in the Comments portion of the sidebar [1].
  • If your assignment includes a rubric [2], your instructor may also leave comments in the rubric.

View Annotated Comments

  • If you submitted the assignment with a file upload, your instructor may have included annotated feedback in your assignment.
  • Files that support annotations display a View Feedback button next to the submission. Learn how to view annotated comments.

Add Comments

  • You can add comments to your assignment submission [1]. All comments left on a group assignment submission are sent to the instructor and the whole group.
  • If your group assignment submission includes commenting options, each member of your group is being graded individually. To send your comment to your instructor, select Send comment to instructor only [2]. To send your comment to your instructor and the whole group, select Send comment to the whole group [3].
  • To submit your comment, click the Save button [4].

Add Media Comment

  • To add a media comment to your submission, click the Media Comment link. You can record a video or record an audio comment to send to your instructor.
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