MFA - How to setup 2-step verification for Google authentication

How to verify whether the 2FA is activated?

  1. Go to the Users Profile and review the Security Either 2-step will be ON or OFF.
  2. If it is OFF and user needs access, you can move them to the OU named. Users-Without mobile devices

Temporarily until they setup 2-step. Help them with below steps and verify as described above then move them back to the OU they were previously in.

How to Setup Google 2FA

Common Google 2-Step sign-in Error

1.”Your sign-in settings don’t meet your organization’s 2-step verification policy”

  1. Click Users or search for the user
  2. Click on the user you are assisting
  3. Go to Security
  4. Click 2-step verification
  5. Click Get Backup verification codes or Generate New codes
  6. Have the user attempt to sign into the account
  7. The user might be prompted to enter a backup code (in which case we will provide them with one of the codes above) or to enter information for Google’s 2-factor authentication
  8. The user should now be able to log in.

Reasoning/Next Steps: If the issue persists, escalate to Google Support (image google-support), or CSU IT at

2. An issue like a new phone number etc

Sometimes Users (Students or Faculty) setup up 2-Step authentication on their end, and they have an issue like a new phone number etc.

They need to correct this on their end by doing this.

After signing in, they should click “security” on the left-hand side, and scroll down to select 2-step verification to turn it on. They will then be allowed to set the 2FA number and verify it on the spot. Review the image



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