Library Testing in Win-10

Library Testing in Win-10

1.   Firefox

  • Old Library- When you enter the old library it launches the library fine the issue here is that the scroll bar is missing.
  • New Library- Again the app launches in a new window but the scroll bar is missing on the right hand This happens in all of the windows. If you search, the home screen and any link you select while in the library.

2.   Edge

  • New and Old library have trouble opening with this They both will load for a while but never make it to the page requested and you then get a time out error.

3.   Googlechrome 

  • Old Library- When in googlechrome you travel to the course home page select the library and it will launch the old library no problem as long as the pop up blocker is turned off.
  • New Library- Again this works fine, it launches a new window which allows you to navigate the library as normal. If pop up blocker is turned on you will not be able to launch the window so this needs to be checked off. Now you can however use add blocker and the library will still open.

4.   IE

  • Old Library- Launching the old library works in IE as long as you are not using strict security sessions, it requires you to set the settings at about the medium mark, you will also need to allow 3rd party cookies and turn off the pop blocker feature.
  • New Library- Opening the new library opens a new window and loads the library. Again make sure the 3rd party cookies are enabled, security settings are adjusted and the pop up blocker is off.
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