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Loose-leaf Print Copy

As described above, for those who prefer a physical copy of the book instead of the digital version, it’s quick and easy to opt-out.

However, in week two of the course, an option in the My Courses area will appear, just below the green View Course Materials button, to request a loose-leaf printed copy of the Course eBook. Typically this will send you to Redshelf, the system powering the Course eBook delivery. Here you’ll be able to request a loose-leaf version, as well as enter shipping and payment details. You will have to pay Redshelf directly for this service.

In rare cases, the link may send you to the publishers website. The same process will apply above, with the ability to request a loose-leaf version printed, as well as enter shipping and payment details.

Please note that not all publishers offer loose leaf copies, so this option may not be available for all textbooks.

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