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Ordering Books.

  • CSU-Global Campus provides a booklist each trimester with the information necessary for students to purchase required textbooks in the format of their choice from their preferred vendor. This can be located from the Student Portal by going to the “Booklist(https://portal.csuglobal.edu/student/page/view/ordering-textbooks).
  • We can check if users need to have an ebook link located in their course by locating the booklist from the CSU Portal. If it is Redshelf it will be indicated next to the course. If there is no indication that it is a Redshelf book, or it is missing an ebook link, you can provide the following link on how the user can proceed to purchase their required material: https://csuglobalhelp.knowledgeowl.com/help/required-materials
  • For students requiring a book voucher, CSU-Global Campus has contracted with Barnes and Noble College. This can be located from the Campus Portal by going to the “Ordering Books” to fulfill voucher orders.
  • All other students may purchase required textbooks from the vendor of their choice, such as Amazon.com, Chegg.com, iChapters.com, coursesmart.com, bigwords.com, half.com, as well as MBS Direct Bookstore.
  • CSU-Global Campus is not responsible for book orders, shipments, or errors that may occur as a result of students ordering books, supplies or materials for their courses. Students experiencing issues with book orders should resolve them with the book vendor.
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