Outages – Reporting an Outage


What to do if a system is severely degraded or completely unavailable (except for planned outages).

NOTE: The phone numbers on this page are for internal use only. They are confidential and should not be given out to anyone.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Windows

System Maintenance Window
Student Portal It will be posted in the Portal when there is maintenance. No regular schedule.
LMS It will be posted when there is maintenance. No regular schedule.

Reporting Unplanned Outages

Based on the issue, call the appropriate primary contact below.

If you cannot reach the primary contact, attempt to reach the secondary contact.

System Primary Contact Primary Contact # Primary Contact Email
Canvas (LMS) Jerid Counterman 303-653-9907/ 303-829-8728(cell) jerid.counterman@csuglobal.edu
Student/Faculty Portal Roger Seflinger 720-608-5398 roger.seflinger@csuglobal.edu
Library Jeff Wahl 720-830-8790 jeffrey.wahl@csuglobal.edu, library@csuglobal.edu
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