Microsoft Office 365

Registering for Microsoft Office 365

For the students to gain access to Microsoft Office 365 they will need to navigate to the following website and enter their school email address. Then click the Get Started button: us/education/products/office?tab=students?tab=students

Once the student has entered their email address they will need to go through the process to complete the registration.

How to access Microsoft Office 365 after registration

Once the student has registered for Office 365 they can simply sign in to the following website with their CSU Global email address and password to access the applications provided to them:

Reset O365 passwords for CSU Global students

Please note that this process requires that you have our own CSU Global account (with the appropriate privileges) so that you can sign in to the Microsoft Admin page (, locate the student via their email address, and reset their password for Microsoft Office 365 access. This process is different from the process where we change the user’s password using the Google Admin website where a shared account is being used.

CSU Global students can access a suite of online Microsoft Office products through Office 365 Education: Knowledge Base 000017921

PowerPoint upload issue

Some students have had issues when submitting assignments using powerpoint with graphics or text boxes in them that those images will invert with the file conversion. If this happens please let the student know that they can convert their powerpoint to PDF by using the instructions from Microsofts website, PDF INSRUCTIONS.

After saving the Powerpoint to PDF and then submitting the PDF the slides came out correctly. This is for Powerpoint presentations with inserted charts.

Saving PowerPoint Presentations as Images

  1. Click the Windows button, point to Save As, and then click Other Formats.
  2. In the Save As window, expand the Save as Type menu.
  3. From the menu, select an image file type (.gif, .jpeg, .png). PNG is a good format for general text and image slides.
  4. Click Save.
  5. You will see a dialog box open: Do you want to export every slide in the presentation or only the current slide? Click Every Slide.
  6. When the next dialog box opens, click OK.
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