SAS University Edition Instruction Sheet

SAS University Edition Instruction Sheet

SAS Installation Instructions

Click on the link

Select your operating system

Your directions will differ depending on your operating system – it is basically four steps.

The first step is to download the virtualization software and install it. Again, the options and instructions will vary on the operating system. I am showing Windows but the directions are provided for Apple Mac and Unix. Watch the setup video that goes with your operating system.

Notice that these windows have an option on the left to Live Chat with a support person. The next window will tell you how to download your virtual software and setup the file folders you will need to communicate with SAS and move files back and forth between the virtual environment.

Next watch the video on downloading your version of the AS University Edition.

Next download your version of the SAS University Edition. This is a large download so make sure you are on reliable Internet service. Click on the Get SAS University Edition box to download. You will be asked to create a SAS Profile if you do not have one. Make sure to use your CSU-Global email address and note your user name and password for future use. Make sure you note where your download this file.

Watch the Configuration Video

Then you will need to add the SAS download – that is why you needed to know where you downloaded it. You will also configure SAS to see that shared folder you created in the early steps. Remember this folder will be one that SAS can see and Windows can see – you will use it to pass information back and forth to your SAS program.

Now watch the use the SAS program video!

You will start SAS in your Virtual Machine and then access it via the directions for each operating system (in a browser for Windows).

If you need help you can go to the SAS University Edition Help Center or

Support site and technical chat:

You can also click on the Live Chat on the left side of the screen.

Information page:

Mail this page!

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