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Turnitin – Student report states incorrect file type, but is the correct file type

First of all, please check whether the user and the file concurs the minimum system requirements. Then provide a recommendation for the student as given below:

  1. Log in to https://portal.csuglobal.edu/ (see password list)
  2. Click White Pages > Faculty Lookup
  3. Search for the faculty member
  4. Click on the ghost icon to enter their account, reason for ghosting is technical
  5. Enter the course for the affected student
  6. From the left-hand menu bar, click the Turnitin button
  7. Enter the assignment that the student has stated is the issue
  8. Click the students name
  9. Confirm that the file name does not have a file I.e. per the attached screenshot, there is no .docx or.pdf etc. on the end of the file name.
  10. Advise the student that they should re-upload their document, but this time, do NOT use the Edit Details link to change the name of the file. Just upload the file and then select Submit.11
  11. Refresh the Turnitin app and check to see if it has detected the students submission. You may need to hit the Manual Refresh button. The paper should show at 0%, which means that Turnitin has accepted the submission, but has not yet generated a report for the paper. The report should be generated in about 5-10 minutes and will show on the student side as well at that time.
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