Resetting a Password in Zoom

Zoom Password reset

Zoom Password reset

In this guide, you will learn to reset your zoom password. This will be done within the zoom website @

If you forget your password and need to have it reset please go to

  1. Visit to us. The first screen will have a few options. Please look to the top right and select SIGN IN.
  2. Once you have selected the sign in option you will see the screen
  3. Click Forgot password?

After you select “Forgot Password” you will see the Forgot your password? Screen

4.Enter in your email address and press

5.You will receive an email from, which includes links to aid you in password

6.After the password is reset you will be able to enter us as well as log into your zoom sessions within the Schoology.

7.After entering your course and selecting the zoom session you want to join you will see the following.

8.Once you have selected the Sign in option you will be able to enter

9.Once you have gotten to that screen please login and proceed to your Zoom session.

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